Our standard sign range is produced in four main materials:-

PV – Telglow™ photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl
PR – Telglow™ photoluminescent rigid PVC
WV – White self-adhesive vinyl
WR – white rigid PVC

Our Telglow™ photoluminescent material is produced by us here in the UK.

Our bespoke signs can be produced on the standard materials or on non standard materials:-

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Photoluminescence is a kind of phosphorescence. It is not radioactive and requires no battery back-up.

Photolunminescent material stores energy from a light source and releases the light energy in darkness. This makes it an ideal material to use for safety signage and way guidance systems (SWGs).

The light energy needed to activate the material and the brightness it emits depends on the grade and thickness of pigment used. Information on relevant grades and Class materials are available on request.

Common light sources, such as daylight, tungsten filament and fluorescent lighting, provide the energy required and when there is a sudden power loss, (possibly causing a blackout) and/or in an emergency evacuation situation, (e.g. a smoke filled building or tunnel), the light source is emitted, ensuring signage and directional information can be easily seen.

Unlike other systems, not only does photoluminescent create light for guidance, it can also aid spacial awareness when strategically placed around doors, stairwells and corridors; objects become instantly recognisable. Photoluminescent signage and SWGs can assists people to orientate themselves so that they can react effectively and evacuate efficiently.

Photoluminescent safety signage and SWGs are easy to install, require little maintenance and are a cost effective solution to assisting in keeping people safe.

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