About Signs For Safety

SignsforSafety is an ISO 9001:2015 quality accredited company, with over 20 years in the business.
As both a UK manufacturer and supplier of signs & safety related products, we are proud to offer our customers competitive prices, prompt service and fast, reliable delivery.

Why Choose us?

 Well unlike many signs providers….

      • We stock over 9518 standard products, so we can provide an “off the shelf” service for immediate dispatch.

      • Utilising our “Direct to Print” technology we have the ability to offer custom made signs at surprisingly low costs and temporary signs can be produced and delivered swiftly.
      • Alongside our modern print facilities, we retain screen printers, their expertise enables us to provide you with a quality finish for your products.
      • Bespoke service – we believe that this is an interactive process with our customers, so that you receive exactly what you require, fit for the purpose intended.
      • Our experienced staff can advise on product suitability, from choosing the appropriate materials to complying with the right legislation.

      • Price control many of the substrates for the signs are manufactured by us here in the UK, therefore we have better price control.
      • Traceability – we show clearly on all our products the WARNSTAR quality name and have product traceability for the protection of our customers. Facilities Managers, Health and Safety Executives and Site Managers can rest assured that our products are produced to recognised standards, on material appropriate to its working environment and meeting current legislation.
        We as the UK manufacturer aim to provide a quality product at a value for money price.
      • Expertise with Photoluminescent materials – Our sister company Maritime Progress Ltd has during the last 25 years become the market leader in the design and manufacturer of signs and sign making materials for the marine industry. Through this association and shared production facilities, we have a high level of expertise in photoluminescent materials.  Very few sign manufacturers worldwide can claim to manufacture their photoluminescent products through from raw pigment to finished signs.  This total control over the manufacturing process ensures the highest quality and lowest prices possible and full traceability of products.
      • Our FREE sign guide has been created in a small handy format for easy storage. Make sure you have a copy on your shelf or placed within your Business Continuity management file!